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2018 List of Regional Borzoi clubs' Specialty shows

April 7 & 8, BCOA TSE (chair Jill Zamowski) with the Tuscaloosa kennel club show, borzoi judge Eva Berg,  Borzoi sweep judge Margaret Lucia, and at the Birmingham kennel club show, borzoi breed judge Linda More, borzoi sweeps judge Pam Buffington, at Columbiana AL, show superintendent: Onofrio .

April 14 - TSE borzoi judge Marilyn Pipes, sweeps judge Monica Barry.  April 15 - Rocky Mountain Borzoi Club Specialty show with the Terry All Kennel Club, Allen County Fairgrounds, 9755 Henderson Road, Brighton, CO, Borzoi judge: Garry Newton,       Sweepstakes: Lynne Bennett, specialty chairperson: Amy Sorbie,  Show Superintendent: Onofrio. Closes March 28.

May 4 - Two Borzoi specialties at Tinicum Park, Route 32, Erwinna, PA 18920.  Morning show is Borzoi Club of Greater New York with borzoi judge Ann O'Reilly and sweeps judge Deidre Petrie.  Joseph Lara will cater a breakfast spread.  Potluck lunch between the two shows.   In the afternoon will be the Borzoi Club of Delaware Valley specialty, dedicated in memory of Tom Carroll and Maryann Conran.  Borzoi judge:  Shen Smith,   Sweepstakes: Pat Hardy,    Specialty Chairpersons: Mary McDonald and Terry Clement.   Show Superintendent for both shows: Linda Deutsch.  Also in same location on Mary 3 will be the Central New Jersey Hound show.  Saturday at Ewing Twp park New Jersey will be the all-breed Bucks County show, with BCGNY TSE.  On Sunday will be the all-breed Trenton kennel club show, with BCDV TSE.  On Monday Trenton kennel club all-breed show.

August 24 - Greater Twin Cities Borzoi Club,    Washington County Fairgrounds 12300 North 40th St, Hwy 5 & Cty Rd 15, Lake Elmo MN, borzoi judge: Fausto Cavalieri (Italy),       Sweepstakes: Lize Edland (Sweden)       Show Superintendent: Onofrio        Specialty Chairman: Marilyn Polsfuss

August 25 - Greater Twin Cities Borzoi Club Concurrent Specialty with the St. Croix Valley Kennel Club at the Washington County Fairgrounds 12300 North 40th St, Hwy 5 & Cty Rd 15, Lake Elmo MN      Borzoi judge Mr. Colin Hamilton (Australia)       Sweepstakes: Monica Barry      Show Superintendent: Onofrio       Specialty Chairman: Marilyn Polsfuss

October 6 & 7 - Borzoi Club of Greater Omaha.  2 specialties, 2 all-breed shows at Lancaster Event Center, 4100 N 84th St, Lincoln NE.  Can show 4 times.  Saturday specialty judge Jon Steele and sweeps judge Kristen Suhrenbock and all-breed club borzoi judge Dale SImmons.  Ringside dinner after specialty.  Sunday specialty judge Cindi Gredys and sweeps judge R. Lynn Shell, and all-breed borzoi judge Anne Katona.  Specialty chairperson Cindi Gredys.  Superintendent Onofrio.

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